Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

2019/05/01 - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud - 1 new api methods

Changes  This release adds an API for the modification of a VPN Connection, enabling migration from a Virtual Private Gateway (VGW) to a Transit Gateway (TGW), while preserving the VPN endpoint IP addresses on the AWS side as well as the tunnel options.

ModifyVpnConnection (new) Link ΒΆ

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

type VpnConnectionId


param VpnConnectionId


type TransitGatewayId


param TransitGatewayId

type VpnGatewayId


param VpnGatewayId

type DryRun


param DryRun




Response Syntax

    'VpnConnection': {
        'CustomerGatewayConfiguration': 'string',
        'CustomerGatewayId': 'string',
        'Category': 'string',
        'State': 'pending'|'available'|'deleting'|'deleted',
        'Type': 'ipsec.1',
        'VpnConnectionId': 'string',
        'VpnGatewayId': 'string',
        'TransitGatewayId': 'string',
        'Options': {
            'StaticRoutesOnly': True|False
        'Routes': [
                'DestinationCidrBlock': 'string',
                'Source': 'Static',
                'State': 'pending'|'available'|'deleting'|'deleted'
        'Tags': [
                'Key': 'string',
                'Value': 'string'
        'VgwTelemetry': [
                'AcceptedRouteCount': 123,
                'LastStatusChange': datetime(2015, 1, 1),
                'OutsideIpAddress': 'string',
                'Status': 'UP'|'DOWN',
                'StatusMessage': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • VpnConnection (dict) --

      Describes a VPN connection.

      • CustomerGatewayConfiguration (string) --

        The configuration information for the VPN connection's customer gateway (in the native XML format). This element is always present in the CreateVpnConnection response; however, it's present in the DescribeVpnConnections response only if the VPN connection is in the pending or available state.

      • CustomerGatewayId (string) --

        The ID of the customer gateway at your end of the VPN connection.

      • Category (string) --

        The category of the VPN connection. A value of VPN indicates an AWS VPN connection. A value of VPN-Classic indicates an AWS Classic VPN connection.

      • State (string) --

        The current state of the VPN connection.

      • Type (string) --

        The type of VPN connection.

      • VpnConnectionId (string) --

        The ID of the VPN connection.

      • VpnGatewayId (string) --

        The ID of the virtual private gateway at the AWS side of the VPN connection.

      • TransitGatewayId (string) --

        The ID of the transit gateway associated with the VPN connection.

      • Options (dict) --

        The VPN connection options.

        • StaticRoutesOnly (boolean) --

          Indicates whether the VPN connection uses static routes only. Static routes must be used for devices that don't support BGP.

      • Routes (list) --

        The static routes associated with the VPN connection.

        • (dict) --

          Describes a static route for a VPN connection.

          • DestinationCidrBlock (string) --

            The CIDR block associated with the local subnet of the customer data center.

          • Source (string) --

            Indicates how the routes were provided.

          • State (string) --

            The current state of the static route.

      • Tags (list) --

        Any tags assigned to the VPN connection.

        • (dict) --

          Describes a tag.

          • Key (string) --

            The key of the tag.

            Constraints: Tag keys are case-sensitive and accept a maximum of 127 Unicode characters. May not begin with aws: .

          • Value (string) --

            The value of the tag.

            Constraints: Tag values are case-sensitive and accept a maximum of 255 Unicode characters.

      • VgwTelemetry (list) --

        Information about the VPN tunnel.

        • (dict) --

          Describes telemetry for a VPN tunnel.

          • AcceptedRouteCount (integer) --

            The number of accepted routes.

          • LastStatusChange (datetime) --

            The date and time of the last change in status.

          • OutsideIpAddress (string) --

            The Internet-routable IP address of the virtual private gateway's outside interface.

          • Status (string) --

            The status of the VPN tunnel.

          • StatusMessage (string) --

            If an error occurs, a description of the error.