AWS CloudFormation

2024/03/18 - AWS CloudFormation - 1 new api methods

Changes  This release supports for a new API ListStackSetAutoDeploymentTargets, which provider auto-deployment configuration as a describable resource. Customers can now view the specific combinations of regions and OUs that are being auto-deployed.

ListStackSetAutoDeploymentTargets (new) Link ΒΆ

Returns summary information about deployment targets for a stack set.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

type StackSetName


param StackSetName


The name or unique ID of the stack set that you want to get automatic deployment targets for.

type NextToken


param NextToken

A string that identifies the next page of stack set deployment targets that you want to retrieve.

type MaxResults


param MaxResults

The maximum number of results to be returned with a single call. If the number of available results exceeds this maximum, the response includes a NextToken value that you can assign to the NextToken request parameter to get the next set of results.

type CallAs


param CallAs

Specifies whether you are acting as an account administrator in the organization's management account or as a delegated administrator in a member account.

By default, SELF is specified. Use SELF for StackSets with self-managed permissions.

  • If you are signed in to the management account, specify SELF .

  • If you are signed in to a delegated administrator account, specify DELEGATED_ADMIN . Your Amazon Web Services account must be registered as a delegated administrator in the management account. For more information, see Register a delegated administrator in the CloudFormation User Guide .




Response Syntax

    'Summaries': [
            'OrganizationalUnitId': 'string',
            'Regions': [
    'NextToken': 'string'

Response Structure