2020/10/15 - AWS IoT - 1 updated api methods

Changes  Add new variable, lastStatusChangeDate, to DescribeDomainConfiguration API

DescribeDomainConfiguration (updated) Link ΒΆ
Changes (response)
{'lastStatusChangeDate': 'timestamp'}

Gets summary information about a domain configuration.


The domain configuration feature is in public preview and is subject to change.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

type domainConfigurationName


param domainConfigurationName


The name of the domain configuration.




Response Syntax

    'domainConfigurationName': 'string',
    'domainConfigurationArn': 'string',
    'domainName': 'string',
    'serverCertificates': [
            'serverCertificateArn': 'string',
            'serverCertificateStatus': 'INVALID'|'VALID',
            'serverCertificateStatusDetail': 'string'
    'authorizerConfig': {
        'defaultAuthorizerName': 'string',
        'allowAuthorizerOverride': True|False
    'domainConfigurationStatus': 'ENABLED'|'DISABLED',
    'serviceType': 'DATA'|'CREDENTIAL_PROVIDER'|'JOBS',
    'lastStatusChangeDate': datetime(2015, 1, 1)

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • domainConfigurationName (string) --

      The name of the domain configuration.

    • domainConfigurationArn (string) --

      The ARN of the domain configuration.

    • domainName (string) --

      The name of the domain.

    • serverCertificates (list) --

      A list containing summary information about the server certificate included in the domain configuration.

      • (dict) --

        An object that contains information about a server certificate.

        • serverCertificateArn (string) --

          The ARN of the server certificate.

        • serverCertificateStatus (string) --

          The status of the server certificate.

        • serverCertificateStatusDetail (string) --

          Details that explain the status of the server certificate.

    • authorizerConfig (dict) --

      An object that specifies the authorization service for a domain.

      • defaultAuthorizerName (string) --

        The name of the authorization service for a domain configuration.

      • allowAuthorizerOverride (boolean) --

        A Boolean that specifies whether the domain configuration's authorization service can be overridden.

    • domainConfigurationStatus (string) --

      A Boolean value that specifies the current state of the domain configuration.

    • serviceType (string) --

      The type of service delivered by the endpoint.

    • domainType (string) --

      The type of the domain.

    • lastStatusChangeDate (datetime) --

      The date and time the domain configuration's status was last changed.