Amazon Relational Database Service

2017/08/25 - Amazon Relational Database Service - 1 updated api methods

Changes  Option group options now contain additional properties that identify requirements for certain options. Check these properties to determine if your DB instance must be in a VPC or have auto minor upgrade turned on before you can use an option. Check to see if you can downgrade the version of an option after you have installed it.

DescribeOptionGroupOptions (updated) Link ΒΆ
Changes (response)
{'OptionGroupOptions': {'RequiresAutoMinorEngineVersionUpgrade': 'boolean',
                        'SupportsOptionVersionDowngrade': 'boolean',
                        'VpcOnly': 'boolean'}}

Describes all available options.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

            'Name': 'string',
            'Values': [
type EngineName


param EngineName


A required parameter. Options available for the given engine name will be described.

type MajorEngineVersion


param MajorEngineVersion

If specified, filters the results to include only options for the specified major engine version.

type Filters


param Filters

This parameter is not currently supported.

  • (dict) --

    This type is not currently supported.

    • Name (string) -- [REQUIRED]

      This parameter is not currently supported.

    • Values (list) -- [REQUIRED]

      This parameter is not currently supported.

      • (string) --

type MaxRecords


param MaxRecords

The maximum number of records to include in the response. If more records exist than the specified MaxRecords value, a pagination token called a marker is included in the response so that the remaining results can be retrieved.

Default: 100

Constraints: Minimum 20, maximum 100.

type Marker


param Marker

An optional pagination token provided by a previous request. If this parameter is specified, the response includes only records beyond the marker, up to the value specified by MaxRecords .




Response Syntax

    'OptionGroupOptions': [
            'Name': 'string',
            'Description': 'string',
            'EngineName': 'string',
            'MajorEngineVersion': 'string',
            'MinimumRequiredMinorEngineVersion': 'string',
            'PortRequired': True|False,
            'DefaultPort': 123,
            'OptionsDependedOn': [
            'OptionsConflictsWith': [
            'Persistent': True|False,
            'Permanent': True|False,
            'RequiresAutoMinorEngineVersionUpgrade': True|False,
            'VpcOnly': True|False,
            'SupportsOptionVersionDowngrade': True|False,
            'OptionGroupOptionSettings': [
                    'SettingName': 'string',
                    'SettingDescription': 'string',
                    'DefaultValue': 'string',
                    'ApplyType': 'string',
                    'AllowedValues': 'string',
                    'IsModifiable': True|False
            'OptionGroupOptionVersions': [
                    'Version': 'string',
                    'IsDefault': True|False
    'Marker': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • OptionGroupOptions (list) --

      List of available option group options.

      • (dict) --

        Available option.

        • Name (string) --

          The name of the option.

        • Description (string) --

          The description of the option.

        • EngineName (string) --

          The name of the engine that this option can be applied to.

        • MajorEngineVersion (string) --

          Indicates the major engine version that the option is available for.

        • MinimumRequiredMinorEngineVersion (string) --

          The minimum required engine version for the option to be applied.

        • PortRequired (boolean) --

          Specifies whether the option requires a port.

        • DefaultPort (integer) --

          If the option requires a port, specifies the default port for the option.

        • OptionsDependedOn (list) --

          The options that are prerequisites for this option.

          • (string) --

        • OptionsConflictsWith (list) --

          The options that conflict with this option.

          • (string) --

        • Persistent (boolean) --

          Persistent options can't be removed from an option group while DB instances are associated with the option group. If you disassociate all DB instances from the option group, your can remove the persistent option from the option group.

        • Permanent (boolean) --

          Permanent options can never be removed from an option group. An option group containing a permanent option can't be removed from a DB instance.

        • RequiresAutoMinorEngineVersionUpgrade (boolean) --

          If true, you must enable the Auto Minor Version Upgrade setting for your DB instance before you can use this option. You can enable Auto Minor Version Upgrade when you first create your DB instance, or by modifying your DB instance later.

        • VpcOnly (boolean) --

          If true, you can only use this option with a DB instance that is in a VPC.

        • SupportsOptionVersionDowngrade (boolean) --

          If true, you can change the option to an earlier version of the option. This only applies to options that have different versions available.

        • OptionGroupOptionSettings (list) --

          The option settings that are available (and the default value) for each option in an option group.

          • (dict) --

            Option group option settings are used to display settings available for each option with their default values and other information. These values are used with the DescribeOptionGroupOptions action.

            • SettingName (string) --

              The name of the option group option.

            • SettingDescription (string) --

              The description of the option group option.

            • DefaultValue (string) --

              The default value for the option group option.

            • ApplyType (string) --

              The DB engine specific parameter type for the option group option.

            • AllowedValues (string) --

              Indicates the acceptable values for the option group option.

            • IsModifiable (boolean) --

              Boolean value where true indicates that this option group option can be changed from the default value.

        • OptionGroupOptionVersions (list) --

          The versions that are available for the option.

          • (dict) --

            The version for an option. Option group option versions are returned by the DescribeOptionGroupOptions action.

            • Version (string) --

              The version of the option.

            • IsDefault (boolean) --

              True if the version is the default version of the option; otherwise, false.

    • Marker (string) --

      An optional pagination token provided by a previous request. If this parameter is specified, the response includes only records beyond the marker, up to the value specified by MaxRecords .