Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

2024/03/19 - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud - 1 new api methods

Changes  This release adds the new DescribeMacHosts API operation for getting information about EC2 Mac Dedicated Hosts. Users can now see the latest macOS versions that their underlying Apple Mac can support without needing to be updated.

DescribeMacHosts (new) Link ΒΆ

Describes the specified EC2 Mac Dedicated Host or all of your EC2 Mac Dedicated Hosts.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

            'Name': 'string',
            'Values': [
type Filters


param Filters

The filters.

  • availability-zone - The Availability Zone of the EC2 Mac Dedicated Host.

  • instance-type - The instance type size that the EC2 Mac Dedicated Host is configured to support.

  • (dict) --

    A filter name and value pair that is used to return a more specific list of results from a describe operation. Filters can be used to match a set of resources by specific criteria, such as tags, attributes, or IDs.

    If you specify multiple filters, the filters are joined with an AND , and the request returns only results that match all of the specified filters.

    • Name (string) --

      The name of the filter. Filter names are case-sensitive.

    • Values (list) --

      The filter values. Filter values are case-sensitive. If you specify multiple values for a filter, the values are joined with an OR , and the request returns all results that match any of the specified values.

      • (string) --

type HostIds


param HostIds

The IDs of the EC2 Mac Dedicated Hosts.

  • (string) --

type MaxResults


param MaxResults

The maximum number of results to return for the request in a single page. The remaining results can be seen by sending another request with the returned nextToken value. This value can be between 5 and 500. If maxResults is given a larger value than 500, you receive an error.

type NextToken


param NextToken

The token to use to retrieve the next page of results.




Response Syntax

    'MacHosts': [
            'HostId': 'string',
            'MacOSLatestSupportedVersions': [
    'NextToken': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • MacHosts (list) --

      Information about the EC2 Mac Dedicated Hosts.

      • (dict) --

        Information about the EC2 Mac Dedicated Host.

        • HostId (string) --

          The EC2 Mac Dedicated Host ID.

        • MacOSLatestSupportedVersions (list) --

          The latest macOS versions that the EC2 Mac Dedicated Host can launch without being upgraded.

          • (string) --

    • NextToken (string) --

      The token to use to retrieve the next page of results.