Amazon Connect Service

2018/09/12 - Amazon Connect Service - 1 new api methods

Changes  This update adds the Amazon Connect Update Contact Attributes API, which lets you update contact attributes for contacts in your Amazon Connect instance.

UpdateContactAttributes (new) Link ΒΆ

The UpdateContactAttributes operation lets you programmatically create new or update existing contact attributes associated with a contact. You can use the operation to add or update attributes for both ongoing and completed contacts. For example, you can update the customer's name or the reason the customer called while the call is active, or add notes about steps that the agent took during the call that are displayed to the next agent that takes the call. You can also use the UpdateContactAttributes operation to update attributes for a contact using data from your CRM application and save the data with the contact in Amazon Connect. You could also flag calls for additional analysis, or flag abusive callers.

Contact attributes are available in Amazon Connect for 24 months, and are then deleted.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

        'string': 'string'
type InitialContactId


param InitialContactId


The unique identifier of the contact for which to update attributes. This is the identifier for the contact associated with the first interaction with the contact center.

type InstanceId


param InstanceId


The identifier for your Amazon Connect instance. To find the ID of your Amazon Connect instance, open the AWS console and select Amazon Connect. Select the instance alias of the instance. The instance ID is displayed in the Overview section of your instance settings. For example, the instance ID is the set of characters at the end of the instance ARN, after instance/, such as 10a4c4eb-f57e-4d4c-b602-bf39176ced07.

type Attributes


param Attributes


The key-value pairs for the attribute to update.

  • (string) -- Key for the key value pair to be used for additional attributes.

    • (string) -- Value for the key value pair to be used for additional attributes.




Response Syntax


Response Structure

  • (dict) --