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2019/07/10 - Amazon QuickSight - 1 updated api methods

Changes  Amazon QuickSight now supports embedding dashboards for all non-federated QuickSight users. This includes IAM users, AD users and users from the QuickSight user pool. The get-dashboard-embed-url API accepts QUICKSIGHT as identity type with a user ARN to authenticate the embeddable dashboard viewer as a non-federated user.

GetDashboardEmbedUrl (updated) Link ¶
Changes (request)
{'UserArn': 'string'}

Generates a server-side embeddable URL and authorization code. Before this can work properly, first you need to configure the dashboards and user permissions. For more information, see Embedding Amazon QuickSight Dashboards .

Currently, you can use GetDashboardEmbedURL only from the server, not from the user’s browser.

CLI Sample:

Assume the role with permissions enabled for actions: quickSight:RegisterUser and quicksight:GetDashboardEmbedURL . You can use assume-role, assume-role-with-web-identity, or assume-role-with-saml.

aws sts assume-role --role-arn "arn:aws:iam::111122223333:role/embedding_quicksight_dashboard_role" --role-session-name embeddingsession

If the user does not exist in QuickSight, register the user:

aws quicksight register-user --aws-account-id 111122223333 --namespace default --identity-type IAM --iam-arn "arn:aws:iam::111122223333:role/embedding_quicksight_dashboard_role" --user-role READER --session-name "embeddingsession" --email --region us-east-1

Get the URL for the embedded dashboard

aws quicksight get-dashboard-embed-url --aws-account-id 111122223333 --dashboard-id 1a1ac2b2-3fc3-4b44-5e5d-c6db6778df89 --identity-type IAM

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

type AwsAccountId


param AwsAccountId


AWS account ID that contains the dashboard you are embedding.

type DashboardId


param DashboardId


The ID for the dashboard, also added to IAM policy

type IdentityType


param IdentityType


The authentication method the user uses to sign in (IAM only).

type SessionLifetimeInMinutes


param SessionLifetimeInMinutes

How many minutes the session is valid. The session lifetime must be between 15 and 600 minutes.

type UndoRedoDisabled


param UndoRedoDisabled

Remove the undo/redo button on embedded dashboard. The default is FALSE, which enables the undo/redo button.

type ResetDisabled


param ResetDisabled

Remove the reset button on embedded dashboard. The default is FALSE, which allows the reset button.

type UserArn


param UserArn

The Amazon QuickSight user's ARN, for use with QUICKSIGHT identity type. You can use this for any of the following:

  • Amazon QuickSight users in your account (readers, authors, or admins)

  • AD users

  • Invited non-federated users

  • Federated IAM users

  • Federated IAM role-based sessions




Response Syntax

    'EmbedUrl': 'string',
    'Status': 123,
    'RequestId': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) --

    • EmbedUrl (string) --

      URL that you can put into your server-side webpage to embed your dashboard. This URL is valid for 5 minutes, and the resulting session is valid for 10 hours. The API provides the URL with an auth_code that enables a single-signon session.

    • Status (integer) --

      The http status of the request.

    • RequestId (string) --

      The AWS request ID for this operation.