AWS Comprehend Medical

2019/12/16 - 2 new api methods

Changes   New Ontology linking APIs will provides medication concepts normalization and Diagnoses codes from input text. In this release we will provide two APIs - RxNorm and ICD10-CM.

2019/09/24 - 9 new 2 updated api methods

Changes   Use Amazon Comprehend Medical to analyze medical text stored in the specified Amazon S3 bucket. Use the console to create and manage batch analysis jobs, or use the batch APIs to detect both medical entities and protected health information (PHI). The batch APIs start, stop, list, and retrieve information about batch analysis jobs. This release also includes DetectEntitiesV2 operation which returns the Acuity and Direction entities as attributes instead of types.

2018/11/28 - 2 new api methods

Changes   The first release of Comprehend Medical includes two APIs, detectPHI and detectEntities. DetectPHI extracts PHI from your clinical text, and detectEntities extracts entities such as medication, medical conditions, or anatomy. DetectEntities also extracts attributes (e.g. dosage for medication) and identifies contextual traits (e.g. negation) for each entity.