AWS Cost and Usage Report Service

2020/08/28 - 3 updated api methods

Changes   This release add MONTHLY as the new supported TimeUnit for ReportDefinition.

2019/08/19 - 1 new 2 updated api methods

Changes   New IAM permission required for editing AWS Cost and Usage Reports - Starting today, you can allow or deny IAM users permission to edit Cost & Usage Reports through the API and the Billing and Cost Management console. To allow users to edit Cost & Usage Reports, ensure that they have 'cur: ModifyReportDefinition' permission. Refer to the technical documentation ( for additional details.

2019/02/26 - 2 updated api methods

Changes   Adding support for Athena and new report preferences to the Cost and Usage Report API.

2017/01/16 - 3 new api methods

Changes   The AWS Cost and Usage Report Service API allows you to enable and disable the Cost & Usage report, as well as modify the report name, the data granularity, and the delivery preferences.