Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)

2021/06/24 - 7 updated api methods

Changes   Add support for encryption in transit to DAX clusters.

2018/08/09 - 7 updated api methods

Changes   Add the SSESpecification field to CreateCluster to allow creation of clusters with server-side encryption, and add the SSEDescription field to DescribeClusters to display the status of server-side encryption for a cluster.

2017/06/21 - 21 new api methods

Changes   Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) is a fully managed, highly available, in-memory cache for DynamoDB that delivers up to a 10x performance improvement - from milliseconds to microseconds - even at millions of requests per second. DAX does all the heavy lifting required to add in-memory acceleration to your DynamoDB tables, without requiring developers to manage cache invalidation, data population, or cluster management.