AWS Directory Service

2020/02/12 - 1 updated api methods

Changes   Release to add the ExpirationDateTime as an output to ListCertificates so as to ease customers to look into their certificate lifetime and make timely decisions about renewing them.

2019/11/26 - 7 new api methods

Changes   This release will introduce optional encryption over LDAP network traffic using SSL certificates between customer's self-managed AD and AWS Directory Services instances. The release also provides APIs for Certificate management.

2019/02/19 - 3 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds support for tags during directory creation (CreateDirectory, CreateMicrosoftAd, ConnectDirectory).

2018/10/05 - 1 new 2 updated api methods

Changes   SDK changes to create a new type of trust for active directory

2018/09/25 - 5 new 1 updated api methods

Changes   API changes related to launch of cross account for Directory Service.

2018/09/20 - 3 new api methods

Changes   Added CreateLogSubscription, DeleteLogSubscription, and ListLogSubscriptions APIs for Microsoft AD. Customers can now opt in to have Windows security event logs from the domain controllers forwarded to a log group in their account.

2018/06/01 - 1 new api methods

Changes   Added ResetUserPassword API. Customers can now reset their users' passwords without providing the old passwords in Simple AD and Microsoft AD.