Amazon EMR Containers

2022/11/04 - 4 new 1 updated api methods

Changes   Adding support for Job templates. Job templates allow you to create and store templates to configure Spark applications parameters. This helps you ensure consistent settings across applications by reusing and enforcing configuration overrides in data pipelines.

2022/09/08 - 3 updated api methods

Changes   EMR on EKS now allows running Spark SQL using the newly introduced Spark SQL Job Driver in the Start Job Run API

2021/10/26 - 2 updated api methods

Changes   This feature enables auto-generation of certificate to secure the managed-endpoint and removes the need for customer provided certificate-arn during managed-endpoint setup.

2021/07/19 - 2 updated api methods

Changes   Updated DescribeManagedEndpoint and ListManagedEndpoints to return failureReason and stateDetails in API response.

2020/12/08 - 15 new api methods

Changes   This release adds support for Amazon EMR on EKS, a simple way to run Spark on Kubernetes.