AWS Fault Injection Simulator

2024/03/14 - 11 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds support for previewing target resources before running a FIS experiment. It also adds resource ARNs for actions, experiments, and experiment templates to API responses.

2023/11/27 - 8 new 7 updated api methods

Changes   AWS FIS adds support for multi-account experiments & empty target resolution. This release also introduces the CreateTargetAccountConfiguration API that allows experiments across multiple AWS accounts, and the ListExperimentResolvedTargets API to list target details.

2022/02/28 - 7 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds logging support for AWS Fault Injection Simulator experiments. Experiment templates can now be configured to send experiment activity logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs or to an S3 bucket.

2022/02/02 - 2 new 7 updated api methods

Changes   Added GetTargetResourceType and ListTargetResourceTypesAPI actions. These actions return additional details about resource types and parameters that can be targeted by FIS actions. Added a parameters field for the targets that can be specified in experiment templates.

2022/01/20 - 3 updated api methods

Changes   Added action startTime and action endTime timestamp fields to the ExperimentAction object

2021/03/15 - 14 new api methods

Changes   Initial release of AWS Fault Injection Simulator, a managed service that enables you to perform fault injection experiments on your AWS workloads