Amazon Forecast Service

2020/07/08 - 3 new 6 updated api methods

Changes   With this release, Amazon Forecast now supports the ability to add a tag to any resource via the launch of three new APIs: TagResouce, UntagResource and ListTagsForResource. A tag is a simple label consisting of a customer-defined key and an optional value allowing for easier resource management.

2019/11/22 - 3 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds two key updates to existing APIs. 1. Amazon Forecast can now generate forecasts in any quantile using the optional parameter forecastTypes in the CreateForecast API and 2. You can get additional details (metrics and relevant error messages) on your AutoML runs using the DescribePredictor and GetAccuracyMetrics APIs.

2019/08/21 - 26 new api methods

Changes   Amazon Forecast is a fully managed machine learning service that makes it easy for customers to generate accurate forecasts using their historical time-series data