AWS Health APIs and Notifications

2023/08/31 - 1 new 3 updated api methods

Changes   Adds new API DescribeEntityAggregatesForOrganization that retrieves entity aggregates across your organization. Also adds support for resource status filtering in DescribeAffectedEntitiesForOrganization, resource status aggregates in the DescribeEntityAggregates response, and new resource statuses.

2020/05/19 - 5 updated api methods

Changes   Feature: Health: AWS Health added a new field to differentiate Public events from Account-Specific events in the API request and response. Visit to learn more.

2019/12/23 - 7 new api methods

Changes   With this release, you can now centrally aggregate AWS Health events from all accounts in your AWS organization. Visit AWS Health documentation to learn more about enabling and using this feature:

2019/06/20 - 4 updated api methods

Changes   API improvements for the AWS Health service.

2018/12/04 - 1 updated api methods

Changes   AWS Health API DescribeAffectedEntities operation now includes a field that returns the URL of the affected entity.

2016/12/01 - 6 new api methods

Changes   When your business is counting on the performance of your cloud solutions, having relevant and timely insights into events impacting your AWS resources is essential. The AWS Health API serves as the primary source for you to receive personalized information related to your AWS infrastructure, guiding your through scheduled changes, and accelerating the troubleshooting of issues impacting your AWS resources and accounts. At launch, the APIs will be available to Business and Enterprise Support customers.