AWS IoT FleetWise

2023/11/27 - 14 updated api methods

Changes   AWS IoT FleetWise introduces new APIs for vision system data, such as data collected from cameras, radars, and lidars. You can now model and decode complex data types.

2023/09/28 - 2 new api methods

Changes   AWS IoT FleetWise now supports encryption through a customer managed AWS KMS key. The PutEncryptionConfiguration and GetEncryptionConfiguration APIs were added.

2023/05/30 - 6 updated api methods

Changes   Campaigns now support selecting Timestream or S3 as the data destination, Signal catalogs now support "Deprecation" keyword released in VSS v2.1 and "Comment" keyword released in VSS v3.0

2022/09/26 - 50 new api methods

Changes   General availability (GA) for AWS IoT Fleetwise. It adds AWS IoT Fleetwise to AWS SDK. For more information, see