AWS Lake Formation

2022/08/17 - 1 new api methods

Changes   This release adds a new API support "AssumeDecoratedRoleWithSAML" and also release updates the corresponding documentation.

2022/03/22 - 10 updated api methods

Changes   The release fixes the incorrect permissions called out in the documentation - DESCRIBE_TAG, ASSOCIATE_TAG, DELETE_TAG, ALTER_TAG. This trebuchet release fixes the corresponding SDK and documentation.

2022/01/05 - 2 new 2 updated api methods

Changes   Add new APIs for 3rd Party Support for Lake Formation

2021/11/30 - 19 new 9 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds support for row and cell-based access control in Lake Formation. It also adds support for Lake Formation Governed Tables, which support ACID transactions and automatic storage optimizations.

2021/05/07 - 10 new 8 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds Tag Based Access Control to AWS Lake Formation service

2020/08/19 - 2 updated api methods

Changes   Adding additional field in ListPermissions API response to return RAM resource share ARN if a resource were shared through AWS RAM service.

2020/07/07 - 8 updated api methods

Changes   AWS Lake Formation supports sharing tables with other AWS accounts and organizations

2019/08/08 - 13 new api methods

Changes   Lake Formation: (New Service) AWS Lake Formation is a fully managed service that makes it easier for customers to build, secure and manage data lakes. AWS Lake Formation simplifies and automates many of the complex manual steps usually required to create data lakes including collecting, cleaning and cataloging data and securely making that data available for analytics and machine learning.