Amazon CloudWatch Logs

2024/02/06 - 1 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds a new field, logGroupArn, to the response of the logs:DescribeLogGroups action.

2024/01/10 - 3 updated api methods

Changes   Add support for account level subscription filter policies to PutAccountPolicy, DescribeAccountPolicies, and DeleteAccountPolicy APIs. Additionally, PutAccountPolicy has been modified with new optional "selectionCriteria" parameter for resource selection.

2023/12/12 - 1 new api methods

Changes   This release introduces the StartLiveTail API to tail ingested logs in near real time.

2023/11/27 - 7 new 2 updated api methods

Changes   Added APIs to Create, Update, Get, List and Delete LogAnomalyDetectors and List and Update Anomalies in Detector. Added LogGroupClass attribute for LogGroups to classify loggroup as Standard loggroup with all capabilities or InfrequentAccess loggroup with limited capabilities.

2023/11/09 - 15 new api methods

Changes   Update to support new APIs for delivery of logs from AWS services.

2023/09/20 - 1 updated api methods

Changes   Add ClientToken to QueryDefinition CFN Handler in CWL

2023/07/07 - 3 updated api methods

Changes   Add CMK encryption support for CloudWatch Logs Insights query result data

2023/06/07 - 3 new 1 updated api methods

Changes   This change adds support for account level data protection policies using 3 new APIs, PutAccountPolicy, DeleteAccountPolicy and DescribeAccountPolicy. DescribeLogGroup API has been modified to indicate if account level policy is applied to the LogGroup via "inheritedProperties" list in the response.

2022/11/28 - 3 new 7 updated api methods

Changes   Updates to support CloudWatch Logs data protection and CloudWatch cross-account observability

2022/10/31 - 3 new 1 updated api methods

Changes   SDK release to support tagging for destinations and log groups with TagResource. Also supports tag on create with PutDestination.

2021/12/08 - 1 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds AWS Organizations support as condition key in destination policy for cross account Subscriptions in CloudWatch Logs.

2021/05/24 - 4 updated api methods

Changes   This release provides dimensions and unit support for metric filters.

2020/05/07 - 3 new api methods

Changes   Amazon CloudWatch Logs now offers the ability to interact with Logs Insights queries via the new PutQueryDefinition, DescribeQueryDefinitions, and DeleteQueryDefinition APIs.

2019/07/26 - 1 updated api methods

Changes   Allow for specifying multiple log groups in an Insights query, and deprecate storedByte field for LogStreams and interleaved field for FilterLogEventsRequest.

2018/11/28 - 6 new api methods

Changes   Six new APIs added to support CloudWatch Logs Insights. The APIs are StartQuery, StopQuery, GetQueryResults, GetLogRecord, GetLogGroupFields, and DescribeQueries.

2018/09/07 - 1 updated api methods

Changes   * Adding a log prefix parameter for filter log events API and minor updates to the documentation