AWS Organizations

2020/03/24 - 4 new api methods

Changes   Introduces actions for giving a member account administrative Organizations permissions for an AWS service. You can run this action only for AWS services that support this feature.

2019/11/26 - 1 new 14 updated api methods

Changes   Introduces the DescribeEffectivePolicy action, which returns the contents of the policy that's in effect for the account.

2019/06/06 - 3 new api methods

Changes   You can tag and untag accounts in your organization and view tags on an account in your organization.

2019/04/18 - 1 new 3 updated api methods

Changes   AWS Organizations is now available in the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions, and we added a new API action for creating accounts in those Regions. For more information, see CreateGovCloudAccount in the AWS Organizations API Reference.

2017/11/16 - 3 new api methods

Changes   This release adds APIs that you can use to enable and disable integration with AWS services designed to work with AWS Organizations. This integration allows the AWS service to perform operations on your behalf on all of the accounts in your organization. Although you can use these APIs yourself, we recommend that you instead use the commands provided in the other AWS service to enable integration with AWS Organizations.

2017/10/23 - 11 updated api methods

Changes   This release supports integrating other AWS services with AWS Organizations through the use of an IAM service-linked role called AWSServiceRoleForOrganizations. Certain operations automatically create that role if it does not already exist.

2017/05/11 - 6 updated api methods

Changes   AWS Organizations APIs that return an Account object now include the email address associated with the account’s root user.

2017/02/27 - 39 new api methods

Changes   AWS Organizations is a web service that enables you to consolidate your multiple AWS accounts into an organization and centrally manage your accounts and their resources.