AWS Panorama

2023/01/19 - 1 updated api methods

Changes   Added AllowMajorVersionUpdate option to OTAJobConfig to make appliance software major version updates opt-in.

2022/10/13 - 1 new 8 updated api methods

Changes   Pause and resume camera stream processing with SignalApplicationInstanceNodeInstances. Reboot an appliance with CreateJobForDevices. More application state information in DescribeApplicationInstance response.

2022/08/25 - 2 updated api methods

Changes   Support sorting and filtering in ListDevices API, and add more fields to device listings and single device detail

2022/04/06 - 4 updated api methods

Changes   Added Brand field to device listings.

2022/02/25 - 5 updated api methods

Changes   Added NTP server configuration parameter to ProvisionDevice operation. Added alternate software fields to DescribeDevice response

2021/10/20 - 33 new api methods

Changes   General availability for AWS Panorama. AWS SDK for Panorama includes APIs to manage your devices and nodes, and deploy computer vision applications to the edge. For more information, see the AWS Panorama documentation at