AWS Resilience Hub

2023/11/08 - 6 updated api methods

Changes   AWS Resilience Hub enhances Resiliency Score, providing actionable recommendations to improve application resilience. Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) operational recommendations have been added to help improve the resilience posture of your applications.

2023/10/30 - 4 updated api methods

Changes   Introduced the ability to filter applications by their last assessment date and time and have included metrics for the application's estimated workload Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and estimated workload Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

2023/08/02 - 2 new 17 updated api methods

Changes   Drift Detection capability added when applications policy has moved from a meet to breach state. Customers will be able to exclude operational recommendations and receive credit in their resilience score. Customers can now add ARH permissions to an existing or new role.

2023/05/02 - 5 updated api methods

Changes   This release will improve resource level transparency in applications by discovering previously hidden resources.

2023/03/22 - 12 updated api methods

Changes   This release provides customers with the ability to import resources from within an EKS cluster and assess the resiliency of EKS cluster workloads.

2023/02/21 - 13 new 2 updated api methods

Changes   In this release we improved resilience hub application creation and maintenance by introducing new resource and app component crud APIs, improving visibility and maintenance of application input sources and added support for additional information attributes to be provided by customers.

2022/10/20 - 2 updated api methods

Changes   In this release, we are introducing support for regional optimization for AWS Resilience Hub applications. It also includes a few documentation updates to improve clarity.

2022/05/16 - 13 updated api methods

Changes   In this release, we are introducing support for Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Route 53, AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, AWS Backup in addition to the existing supported Services. This release also supports Terraform file input from S3 and scheduling daily assessments

2021/11/10 - 39 new api methods

Changes   Initial release of AWS Resilience Hub, a managed service that enables you to define, validate, and track the resilience of your applications on AWS