AWS Route53 Recovery Control Config

2023/10/17 - 1 new 15 updated api methods

Changes   Adds permissions for GetResourcePolicy to support returning details about AWS Resource Access Manager resource policies for shared resources.

2021/12/09 - 3 new 3 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds tagging supports to Route53 Recovery Control Configuration. New APIs: TagResource, UntagResource and ListTagsForResource. Updates: add optional field `tags` to support tagging while calling CreateCluster, CreateControlPanel and CreateSafetyRule.

2021/07/27 - 20 new api methods

Changes   Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller's routing control - Routing Control Configuration APIs help you create and delete clusters, control panels, routing controls and safety rules. State changes (On/Off) of routing controls are not part of configuration APIs.