AWS Service Catalog App Registry

2023/11/13 - 6 updated api methods

Changes   When the customer associates a resource collection to their application with this new feature, then a new application tag will be applied to all supported resources that are part of that collection. This allows customers to more easily find the application that is associated with those resources.

2023/03/27 - 4 updated api methods

Changes   In this release, we started supporting ARN in applicationSpecifier and attributeGroupSpecifier. GetAttributeGroup, ListAttributeGroups and ListAttributeGroupsForApplication APIs will now have CreatedBy field in the response.

2022/11/17 - 2 new 5 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds support for tagged resource associations, which allows you to associate a group of resources with a defined resource tag key and value to the application.

2022/06/15 - 1 new api methods

Changes   This release adds a new API ListAttributeGroupsForApplication that returns associated attribute groups of an application. In addition, the UpdateApplication and UpdateAttributeGroup APIs will not allow users to update the 'Name' attribute.

2021/09/01 - 1 new 1 updated api methods

Changes   Introduction of GetAssociatedResource API and GetApplication response extension for Resource Groups support.

2020/12/21 - 1 new api methods

Changes   New API `SyncResouce` to update AppRegistry system tags.

2020/12/07 - 3 new api methods

Changes   AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry now supports adding, removing, and listing tags on resources after they are created.

2020/11/12 - 16 new api methods

Changes   AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry provides a repository of your applications, their resources, and the application metadata that you use within your enterprise.