AWS Cloud Map

2020/06/08 - 3 new 4 updated api methods

Changes   Added support for tagging Service and Namespace type resources in Cloud Map

2018/11/29 - 2 new 5 updated api methods

Changes   AWS Cloud Map lets you define friendly names for your cloud resources so that your applications can quickly and dynamically discover them. When a resource becomes available (for example, an Amazon EC2 instance running a web server), you can register a Cloud Map service instance. Then your application can discover service instances by submitting DNS queries or API calls.

2018/03/13 - 1 new 2 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds support for custom health checks, which let you check the health of resources that aren't accessible over the internet. For example, you can use a custom health check when the instance is in an Amazon VPC.

2018/02/06 - 3 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds support for registering CNAME record types and creating Route 53 alias records that route traffic to Amazon Elastic Load Balancers using Amazon Route 53 Auto Naming APIs.

2017/12/05 - 17 new api methods

Changes   Amazon Route 53 Auto Naming lets you configure public or private namespaces that your microservice applications run in. When instances of the service become available, you can call the Auto Naming API to register the instance, and Amazon Route 53 automatically creates up to five DNS records and an optional health check. Clients that submit DNS queries for the service receive an answer that contains up to eight healthy records.