Amazon Import/Export Snowball

2021/11/30 - 7 updated api methods

Changes   Tapeball is to integrate tape gateway onto snowball, it enables customer to transfer local data on the tape to snowball,and then ingest the data into tape gateway on the cloud.

2021/06/25 - 6 updated api methods

Changes   AWS Snow Family customers can remotely monitor and operate their connected AWS Snowcone devices. AWS Snowball Edge Storage Optimized customers can now import and export their data using NFS.

2021/05/06 - 3 new 7 updated api methods

Changes   AWS Snow Family adds APIs for ordering and managing Snow jobs with long term pricing

2020/10/09 - 3 new api methods

Changes   We added new APIs to allow customers to better manage their device shipping. You can check if your shipping label expired, generate a new label, and tell us that you received or shipped your job.

2020/06/17 - 7 updated api methods

Changes   AWS Snowcone is a portable, rugged and secure device for edge computing and data transfer. You can use Snowcone to collect, process, and move data to AWS, either offline by shipping the device to AWS or online by using AWS DataSync. With 2 CPUs and 4 GB RAM of compute and 8 TB of storage, Snowcone can run edge computing workloads and store data securely. Snowcone's small size (8.94" x 5.85" x 3.25" / 227 mm x 148.6 mm x 82.65 mm) allows you to set it next to machinery in a factory. Snowcone weighs about 4.5 lbs. (2 kg), so you can carry one in a backpack, use it with battery-based operation, and use the Wi-Fi interface to gather sensor data. Snowcone supports a file interface with NFS support.

2020/04/16 - 7 updated api methods

Changes   An update to the Snowball Edge Storage Optimized device has been launched. Like the previous version, it has 80 TB of capacity for data transfer. Now it has 40 vCPUs, 80 GiB, and a 1 TiB SATA SSD of memory for EC2 compatible compute. The 80 TB of capacity can also be used for EBS-like volumes for AMIs.

2020/02/24 - 4 updated api methods

Changes   AWS Snowball adds a field for entering your GSTIN when creating AWS Snowball jobs in the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) region.

2019/10/07 - 1 new api methods

Changes   AWS Snowball Edge now allows you to perform an offline update to the software of your Snowball Edge device when your device is not connected to the internet. Previously, updating your Snowball Edge's software required that the device be connected to the internet or be sent back to AWS. Now, you can keep your Snowball Edge software up to date even if your device(s) cannot connect to the internet, or are required to run in an air-gapped environment. To complete offline updates, download the software update from a client machine with connection to the internet using the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). Then, have the Snowball Edge device download and install the software update using the Snowball Edge device API. For more information about offline updates, visit the Snowball Edge documentation page.

2018/11/26 - 7 updated api methods

Changes   AWS announces the availability of AWS Snowball Edge Compute Optimized to run compute-intensive applications is disconnected and physically harsh environments. It comes with 52 vCPUs, 208GB memory, 8TB NVMe SSD, and 42TB S3-compatible storage to accelerate local processing and is well suited for use cases such as full motion video processing, deep IoT analytics, and continuous machine learning in bandwidth-constrained locations. It features new instances types called SBE-C instances that are available in eight sizes and multiple instances can be run on the device at the same time. Optionally, developers can choose the compute optimized device to include a GPU and use SBE-G instances for accelerating their application performance.

2018/08/22 - 8 updated api methods

Changes   Snowball job states allow customers to track the status of the Snowball job. We are launching a new Snowball job state "WithSortingFacility"! When customer returns the Snowball to AWS, the device first goes to a sorting facility before it reaches an AWS data center. Many customers have requested us to add a new state to reflect the presence of the device at the sorting facility for better tracking. Today when a customer returns the Snowball, the state first changes from "InTransitToAWS" to "WithAWS". With the addition of new state, the device will move from "InTransitToAWS" to "WithAWSSortingFacility", and then to "WithAWS". There are no other changes to the API at this time besides adding this new state.

2018/07/17 - 1 new 6 updated api methods

Changes   AWS Snowball Edge announces the availability of Amazon EC2 compute instances that run on the device. AWS Snowball Edge is a 100-TB ruggedized device built to transfer data into and out of AWS with optional support for local Lambda-based compute functions. With this feature, developers and administrators can run their EC2-based applications on the device providing them with an end to end vertically integrated AWS experience. Designed for data pre-processing, compression, machine learning, and data collection applications, these new instances, called SBE1 instances, feature 1.8 GHz Intel Xeon D processors up to 16 vCPUs, and 32 GB of memory. The SBE1 instance type is available in four sizes and multiple instances can be run on the device at the same time. Customers can now run compute instances using the same Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that are used in Amazon EC2.

2017/04/28 - 9 updated api methods

Changes   The Snowball API has a new exception that can be thrown for list operation requests.

2016/11/30 - 6 new 4 updated api methods

Changes   This release of AWS Snowball introduces a new job type, new APIs, and the new AWS Snowball Edge device to support local compute and storage use cases. The local compute is AWS Lambda powered by AWS Greengrass, and the local storage is compatible with Amazon S3. Each 100 TB Snowball Edge can use the storage and compute power of the AWS cloud locally in places where connecting to the internet may not be an option. Additionally, Snowball Edges can be used in clusters for applications that require greater data durability.

2016/08/11 - 11 new api methods

Changes   Adds Amazon Snowball, a new job management service.