AWS Single Sign-On Admin

2023/11/17 - 3 updated api methods

Changes   Improves support for configuring RefreshToken and TokenExchange grants on applications.

2023/11/16 - 36 new 1 updated api methods

Changes   Instances bound to a single AWS account, API operations for managing instances and applications, and assignments to applications are now supported. Trusted identity propagation is also supported, with new API operations for managing trusted token issuers and application grants and scopes.

2022/07/18 - 6 new api methods

Changes   AWS SSO now supports attaching customer managed policies and a permissions boundary to your permission sets. This release adds new API operations to manage and view the customer managed policies and the permissions boundary for a given permission set.

2020/11/23 - 4 new api methods

Changes   AWS Single Sign-On now enables attribute-based access control for workforce identities to simplify permissions in AWS

2020/09/10 - 27 new api methods

Changes   This is an initial release of AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) Access Management APIs. This release adds support for SSO operations which could be used for managing access to AWS accounts.