Amazon Translate

2020/01/08 - 4 new api methods

Changes   This release adds a new family of APIs for asynchronous batch translation service that provides option to translate large collection of text or HTML documents stored in Amazon S3 folder. This service accepts a batch of up to 5 GB in size per API call with each document not exceeding 1 MB size and the number of documents not exceeding 1 million per batch. See documentation for more information.

2018/11/28 - 4 new 1 updated api methods

Changes   This release includes the new custom terminology feature. Using custom terminology with your translation requests enables you to make sure that your brand names, character names, model names, and other unique content is translated exactly the way you need it, regardless of its context and the Amazon Translate algorithm's decision. See the documentation for more information.

2017/11/29 - 1 new api methods

Changes   Public preview release of Amazon Translate and the Amazon Translate Developer Guide. For more information, see the Amazon Translate Developer Guide.