Amazon SageMaker Service

2024/01/26 - Amazon SageMaker Service - 1 new api methods

Changes  Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning now provides an API to programmatically delete tuning jobs.

DeleteHyperParameterTuningJob (new) Link ΒΆ

Deletes a hyperparameter tuning job. The DeleteHyperParameterTuningJob API deletes only the tuning job entry that was created in SageMaker when you called the CreateHyperParameterTuningJob API. It does not delete training jobs, artifacts, or the IAM role that you specified when creating the model.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

type HyperParameterTuningJobName


param HyperParameterTuningJobName


The name of the hyperparameter tuning job that you want to delete.