AWS CloudFormation

2020/06/26 - 2 updated api methods

Changes   ListStackInstances and DescribeStackInstance now return a new `StackInstanceStatus` object that contains `DetailedStatus` values: a disambiguation of the more generic `Status` value. ListStackInstances output can now be filtered on `DetailedStatus` using the new `Filters` parameter.

2020/05/15 - 2 updated api methods

Changes   This release adds support for the following features: 1. DescribeType and ListTypeVersions APIs now output a field IsDefaultVersion, indicating if a version is the default version for its type; 2. Add StackRollbackComplete waiter feature to wait until stack status is UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE; 3. Add paginators in DescribeAccountLimits, ListChangeSets, ListStackInstances, ListStackSetOperationResults, ListStackSetOperations, ListStackSets APIs.

2020/02/11 - 12 updated api methods

Changes   This release of AWS CloudFormation StackSets allows you to centrally manage deployments to all the accounts in your organization or specific organizational units (OUs) in AWS Organizations. You will also be able to enable automatic deployments to any new accounts added to your organization or OUs. The permissions needed to deploy across accounts will automatically be taken care of by the StackSets service.

2019/11/19 - 1 new 6 updated api methods

Changes   This release of AWS CloudFormation StackSets enables users to detect drift on a stack set and the stack instances that belong to that stack set.

2019/11/18 - 9 new api methods

Changes   This release introduces APIs for the CloudFormation Registry, a new service to submit and discover resource providers with which you can manage third-party resources natively in CloudFormation.

2019/11/11 - 9 updated api methods

Changes   The Resource Import feature enables customers to import existing AWS resources into new or existing CloudFormation Stacks.

2018/11/20 - 10 updated api methods

Changes   Use the CAPABILITY_AUTO_EXPAND capability to create or update a stack directly from a stack template that contains macros, without first reviewing the resulting changes in a change set first.

2018/11/12 - 4 new 5 updated api methods

Changes   The Drift Detection feature enables customers to detect whether a stack's actual configuration differs, or has drifted, from its expected configuration as defined within AWS CloudFormation.

2018/05/21 - 4 updated api methods

Changes   1) Filtered Update for StackSet based on Accounts and Regions: This feature will allow flexibility for the customers to roll out updates on a StackSet based on specific Accounts and Regions. 2) Support for customized ExecutionRoleName: This feature will allow customers to attach ExecutionRoleName to the StackSet thus ensuring more security and controlling the behavior of any AWS resources in the target accounts.

2018/03/29 - 4 updated api methods

Changes   Enabling resource level permission control for StackSets APIs. Adding support for customers to use customized AdministrationRole to create security boundaries between different users.

2017/11/22 - 1 new 11 updated api methods

Changes   1) Instance-level parameter overrides (CloudFormation-StackSet feature): This feature will allow the customers to override the template parameters on specific stackInstances. Customers will also have ability to update their existing instances with/without parameter-overrides using a new API "UpdateStackInstances" 2) Add support for SSM parameters in CloudFormation - This feature will allow the customers to use Systems Manager parameters in CloudFormation templates. They will be able to see values for these parameters in Describe APIs.

2017/09/26 - 1 new 3 updated api methods

Changes   You can now prevent a stack from being accidentally deleted by enabling termination protection on the stack. If you attempt to delete a stack with termination protection enabled, the deletion fails and the stack, including its status, remains unchanged. You can enable termination protection on a stack when you create it. Termination protection on stacks is disabled by default. After creation, you can set termination protection on a stack whose status is CREATE_COMPLETE, UPDATE_COMPLETE, or UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE.

2017/08/25 - 5 updated api methods

Changes   Rollback triggers enable you to have AWS CloudFormation monitor the state of your application during stack creation and updating, and to roll back that operation if the application breaches the threshold of any of the alarms you've specified.

2017/07/25 - 13 new 2 updated api methods

Changes   AWS CloudFormation StackSets enables you to manage stacks across multiple accounts and regions.

2017/04/28 - 7 updated api methods

Changes   API update for CloudFormation: New optional parameter ClientRequestToken which can be used as an idempotency token to safely retry certain operations as well as tagging StackEvents.

2016/11/23 - 1 new api methods

Changes   List-imports API is to list all stacks of user's namespace that are using a specific output.

2016/11/01 - 1 new 7 updated api methods

Changes   Adding ResourcesToSkip parameter to ContinueUpdateRollback API, adding support for ListExports, new ChangeSet types and Transforms.

2016/09/27 - 6 updated api methods

Changes   Adds support for specifying an IAM service role for CloudFormation stack operations.